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Laundry Powder

>> Friday, August 27, 2010

Here I decided to try my own laundry powder. I bought Castile Soap Peppermint flavor.
Cut into small chunks before grinding it. I think that next time I will use manual grater instead of this nice electric grinder. (It didn't grind the soap as fine as I hoped for)

I used
1 bar of castile soap
0.5 cup of washing soda
0.5 cup of baking soda
0.5 cup of Borax 
Mixed them together and transferred to a glass jar. 
Dancing before my window because my laundry smells amazing.
My laundry drying.

Tips: 1. Use vinegar as softener. Your clothes will not smell like vinegar. 2. When your clothes dry outside fluff them for 5 minutes in your drier to make them softer. 3. Remove stain with plain baking soda before doing your laundry. This detergent is not tough on stains. 

Inspired by Soule Mama.


Nadia Yeremenko August 27, 2010 at 7:19 PM  

Хороший урок ! Молодец !

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