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>> Thursday, December 9, 2010

I have been thinking a lot about love. What should love be like? Soft and cuddly? Pink and cute? Curvy? Hippy? Skinny? Pure? Tough? Kissy? Beautiful?
Should love be about acceptance? Should it be about letting go? Can love be ugly?
I figured one thing. Love should be unconditional. Not "I love you if...". Just simple "I love you always no matter what just the way you are".
I have also understood that one can't love another if he doesn't love himself. Loving yourself and respecting yourself reflects on the ability to love others. Forgiving yourself for everything is important. 
Forgive yourself for everything. Forgive yourself for whatever it maybe, don't hate yourself. Let it go... Tell yourself you are beautiful. Tell yourself that you deserve to be forgiven. People that matter to you the most love you, in fact, everyone loves you.
You are worth it. That is why people love you and so you should love yourself. Say it every morning to yourself. 
Stop blaming yourself and others for everything in the past. Reach out and give your hand to the ones who need it. Start where you are comfortable. Go to the hospital and give a gift of love to someone who is lonely. Then keep moving, keep progressing, and find the strength to call the persons you may have hurt and tell them that you love them . Call you parents, hug your kids, call your friend you abandoned because he didn't see it your way. 
Love is beautiful even when it is ugly.

PS My thoughts inspired by Louise Hay.


tattina March 21, 2011 at 2:48 AM  

Саша, я с вами абсолютно согласна.
Конечно, истинная любовь необусловлена.
Мы все - одно, и так зависим друг от друга! И не надо забывать любить себя, тогда и окружающих любить будет легче.
Семья у вас замечательная. Очень трогательные детские фото!

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